Thursday, April 30, 2009

song lyrics..

If I could bottle up the sea breeze I would take it over to your house
And pour it loose through your garden
So the hinges on your windows would rust and colour
Like the boats pulled up on the sand for the summer
And your sweet clean clothes would go stiff on the line
And there’d be sand in your pockets and nothing on your mind

But every year it gets a little bit harder
To get back to the feeling of when we were fifteen
And we could jump in the river upstream
And let the current carry us to the beginning where
The river met the sea again
And all our days were a sun-drenched haze
While the salt spray crusted on the window panes

We should be living like we lived that summer
I wanna live like we live in the summer

And I’ll remember that summer as the right one
The storms made the pavement steam like a kettle
And our first goodbye always seemed like hours
In the car park in between my house and yours
And if the summer holds a song we might sing forever
Then the winter holds a bite we’d never felt before

But time is like the ocean
You can only hold a little in your hands
So swim before we’re broken
Before our bones become
Black coral on the sand


...cannot wait for these albums:
1. Little Birdy
2. Yeah Yeah Yeahs
3. Phoenix
4. Paul Dempsey
5. Karnivool
6. Taking Back Sunday


these photos circulated recently on ye ole email. they were too good not to share...

Monday, April 20, 2009

tip of the day

dont be fooled, just cause soy milk doesnt contain dairy doesnt mean it wont taste rank when it is off.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Thursday.... office space missile launcher out of action.


Wednesday... office space suspicious death


Tuesday... office space construction

yes, i am one of those chicks that is a sucker for twilight

... sucked into the brainwash

Teg, you are super hot

cashed up...

beckno beats.


i was waiting to meet my mates in leederville for dinner when i started taking photos of the skatepark. some guy that i assume was affiliated with the venue told me to stop taking photos. when i asked why he said 'there are young boys here'. i asked him what he meant by that and he said 'your intentions are impure, stop taking photos'. i told him i was taking photos of trees and graffiti but he told me i wasnt and to go away... hahaha i got called a pedophile, made me feel old. anyway, i didnt like any of the photos i took but they are evidence my intentions were pure and what the hell is the world coming to?